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Professional Organizer in Lubbock

Spaces are often ignored until they are out of control. Lubbock professional organizer Lori Martin has a keen eye for details that are so often overlooked. We encounter this word "stress" too often in our daily lives, and many times we bring it upon ourselves. With professional organization by Consider It Done, your productivity will increase and stress decrease. Whether acting as a consultant or engaging in hands-on organizing, our methods work! Consider it Done will make all areas of your home or office work together to make your life simpler. It is not about being neat and tidy all the time, but knowing what you have and how to access it quickly.

Consider it Done's professional organizer is available for organization consulting, decorating, as well as hands on organizing and de-cluttering. Lori and her team will make this a fun evolution to bring peace from your chaos.

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Home Organization

Consider It Done has been instrumental in making a positive changes by organizing homes in Lubbock and the surrounding area. From the smallest task of organizing one-drawer disasters to reorganizing entire homes, Lori will demonstrate how de-cluttering can actually be a fun process that can happen in a quick and timely fashion. Lori and her team understand that when clients have trouble letting go of "possessions'' it may be because these possessions bring back fond memories. Lori helps her clients discover unique and meaningful ways to honor these special items, and to incorporate them into their homes, to be enjoyed and treasured.

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Complimentary Evaluations

Prior to beginning any project, Lori or her team members at Consider It Done will thoughtfully evaluate your available space, as well as your specific needs. This individualized evaluation process helps identify ways in which an available space may be used to its fullest potential, while providing clients reassurance that their home or office will be transformed into the perfect blend of beauty and organization they had always hoped for.

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Business Organization

Lori believes that an organized office space is especially important because, as the old adage says, "Time is money," and chaos in the work place is a waste of both. Without organization, one may be tempted to avoid the important tasks. As a professional organizer, Lori and her team at Consider It Done will help you find the working environment that will in turn help you to be your most productive.

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Interior Decorating

Whether in your home or office, Consider It Done will help you discover how each space can represent you and your personality. Lori will work with you to carefully choose the paint, texture, fabrics, furniture, and wall art that will make your room feel uniquely yours.

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Holiday Decorating

Lori has decorated homes in Lubbock for the Christmas holidays, often using the unique items that her clients already have, or helping them find something brand new to put the finishing touch on holiday decorations. One client offers: "They used nothing new, but it all had a fresh look and made my home beautiful! I loved inviting friends and family to enjoy Christmas holidays in my home. Their name says it all: Consider it Done!"

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Personal Assistant

Offering personal assistant services to those that have less time than obligations. Our services will provide energetic professional help for your office or home or travel needs. Business and Residential Errands, an assistant that can be at your services when you need it.

June Tips

We have recently been working on an estate sale for a little lady that I have yet to meet. She comes by the times when we are gone, and we work while she is away. There are items in that house that are eighty – five years plus inside. Everything from love letters to vintage clothes; priceless in and of themselves.

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