L. Deurmeyer

Recently somewhat in desperation, I reached out to Consider It Done for help with our garage, laundry room and kitchen. My family and I had downsized from a larger house to a few years ago. On top of that, my father-in-law’s death, my mother passing and the sale of my dad’s house had caused our already full home to overflow with memorabilia, tools, clothes and extra household items. As the number of items grew with each family change our will to try to tame the pile lessened. Our garage hadn’t seen cars parked in it ever, and we’ve lived in the house for over five years.

Lori and her team come in and made calm our of chaos in only two days. Tactfully and sensitively, they helped us wade through sentimental but no longer needed items, items that really weren’t useful anymore and duplicate items. Not only that, but they organized things in a way that truly works. I never would have thought of turning shelves the way they did, or using old bookcases and racks as they repurposed them or of the handy way they reconfigured our modular kitchen island.

It is a joy to pull up each day and drive the car into our garage; when hail was threatened last week, for the first time in a long time, it wasn’t a crises. I’m so impressed that I’ve asked them to take a look at the organization of the other rooms in the house. I would highly recommend Consider It Done for any organizing project, big or small.

Y. S.

Just had to let you know, that on my way to feed and water cat and to clean up after her. I just go through my wonderfully, uncluttered room. It brings me that feeling or “Aaahh so Peaceful”. So thank you again.

C. B.

Lori Martin is extremely Professional and easy to work with. She is very intuitive about what needs to be done and there is ABSOLUTELY no need to micromanage when she is working with you because she is a born manager of organization of any kind. She and her staff are pleasant and careful about details. I recommend Lori and group strongly. Lori is a human whirlwind and can get more done in one hour than I could in a whole day.

C. Rhodes

My house had become chaos. Leaving at 7 am and not returning until 9 or 10 at night, I never felt up to the task of organizing my house. If I could not put items exactly where I wanted I just stacked them. Basically working 7 days a week any day I did have off I was overwhelmed by my house and I would stay away. Thanks to the suggestion of my daughter, I had Lori and her crew come and organize my clutter. It was amazing and inspired to make improvements in my house which is now becoming my home again. It was worth every penny!


G. B.

Thank you for creating a clean, organized living space, where everything has its own home. Your team was thoughtful and caring as they turned the “perfect storm” into a quiet, loving home. Your talents are many, may your new clients appreciate them, too.

Randy Egenbacher

I had been tripping over boxes and boxes and looking for misplaced items for years. One of the greatest favors that I have done for myself and my family is to have called Lori. Lori and her staff took what I would not deal with, what had become a source of frustration and depression and took care of all of it in one day! I left the house one morning, when I came home after work, all the boxes were unpacked and everything was placed very neatly and exactly where it needed to go. It was like magic, I blinked my eyes and what was such a source of frustration and avoidance, was now where I could find it, use it and enjoy it. I saved her fee many, many times over by being able to find what I was looking for instead of having to go buy new!! I truly feel blessed to have Lori and her staff help me in this area of my life.

Lori and her company gets the greatest recommendation from me!

T. E.

Lori is a talented and responsible professional. She decorated my home with both my things and new items she selected. Lori organized my husband’s magazines and books into an attractive collection. She did all her “magic” while I was at work. I trust her in my home. I am thrilled with her and her work!

I have used Lori (Consider It Done) for 4 or 5 years. She has decorated my house for Christmas. I normally call her in late September or early October each year and we schedule a time for her to decorate. It is fabulous – I leave all the decorations out for her, come home after work and my house is beautiful! I have always been extremely pleased with Consider It Done and plan to continue to use her for many years. I highly recommend their services.

It is amazing to see how much clutter Lori can organize and put away in one day! My home needed the last push after a move and in a couple of days, it looked ready for a housewarming!

L. M.

I have used Lori and her helpers twice, to help me put up the Christmas tree and decorations, a job that is way too big for me alone to do.  I have been very pleased with their work; they are fast, efficient, and neat.  They leave things better organized than when they found them.  I am very happy to recommend their work!

D. K.

You and your staff did a very good job at my house. You started with a “man cave” and it turned into a home. You always did what you said you would do. Thanks for the excellent service.

A. S.

Lori and her girls really helped me unpack and organize my kitchen, closet, and pantry after my move to a new home. They also lined all drawers and shelves, which I love!

Shannon Davis (02/02/2011)

Consider it Done came into my life and was a wonderful service and ministry to me! Lori and her staff came into my new home with such compassionate and helpful hearts. They never felt like a burden to have in my home….but like good friends. They worked so hard, fast and good! Their organizational skills are extraordinary and special. They organized me in a way I could keep it all organized and easy to stay that way.

Their decorating skills made me feel like I was in a warm and settled home within days…not weeks!! They are so talented with home and or office décor. (They even hauled away 25 years of “stuff” most of it too much needed donations) I could have NEVER moved in without their expert skills. Their friendship will always hold a special place in my heart. Every time I walk through my home I think …”I Love this”…and then I remember CONSIDER IT DONE!

Liz Watts (01/30/2011)

After having Consider it Done help me, I decided that I will use this service once a year!

Lynn McClendon

Took down Christmas Tree and outside lights and helped me put the Christmas dishes away for the year. I was super pleased and will call again.

Gene and Angie White

Lori and crew are totally efficient, organized, pleasant and fun to be with. They made a dreaded job “doable”. In cleaning out and organizing our storage unit, they helped us sort, throw away and donate items that needed a “new home”. And now our home is a happier place, too with the relief and pride in a job well done. Very reasonable rates, too. We highly recommend their work.

Cami, Tom, and Baby Jack

First of all, Thank You! There is no way I could have gotten everything unpacked and organized. I’m so happy my mom saw your commercial and lead me to you. I was in tears before I found you. I didn’t think I would ever get the old house packed and moved and get the new house ready. It was overwhelming especially with a baby. You were amazing and went beyond my expectations. We left for a vacation and returned to an uncluttered and unpacked house. What a stress relief and delight!! You are WONDERFUL! ( I still have work for you and probably will over the years…we need you!) Now, thanks to you, my house is a place of comfort and no stress. I love your work and have heard nothing but the best about you. Tom and I send a million Thank You’s!!!! Hope to see you soon!

Dorothy Badke

I was very happy with the decorating tips you gave me and the wonderful centerpieces you made for my dining room table and wine cabinet. Also the pillows you picked out look great on my sofa to give it a just finished look. Thanks again.

Aubrey and Peggy Faulkner

Thank you for your service in our recent move from Lubbock to Plano. After 34 years in one home, the task seemed impossible, but you and your team really know how to “git ‘er done” & “I love seeing my shelves in order and the shelf liner is great. I enjoyed watching you and Cathy at work. I appreciate you taking charge of the move.

M. Woicikowfski

Lori and her team at Consider It Done helped sort, straighten, and organize a huge mess in my garage. Their questions about what to keep and what to throw away helped me make good decisions. They were punctual, dependable and I would call them again. Thanks for a job well done!

Linda Mayne

Having my house organized has absolutely changed my life. I didn’t realize how much all that stuff I don’t use and have been keeping for years was weighing me down. It is gone now and I have been set free. Getting rid of those things I don’t use was way easier than expected. Lori had a way of helping part with all the stuff I don’t need. The decorating was a plus! All my decor rearranged and a few new things here and there makes everything look new. The whole experience has been amazing. It was worth every dollar I spent!

Ray, Business Organization Client

I am usually a skeptic for many things in life and I have to admit, I had doubts about how much help you could actually offer, but I was blown away by the results.  In one afternoon, I went from the worst office in the company to the office that is most organized.  Many people have commented on it and didn’t think it could be done either.  I will definitely recommend your services to all my colleagues with cluttered desks!

Mike Kleinstub

Wanted to give you a shout and thank you for the week you spent making my nest a true workspace.  My wife and I can’t believe how much more room we have in our home.  Since I office from my house, it has become a much better and more efficient office to work from.  I was hesitant at first, in part having to part with my sports collection, but in the end, it was worth it to let go and allow you to do your magic… and what a payoff!  You were very professional, on time each day and didn’t waste our money.  We would gladly recommend you to anyone or any business that needs a helping hand.  When you were here, with my busy work day, I really did, consider it done!

Del Bass (Conroe, Texas)

Lori Martin could write the book on organizing, decoration, packing and reorganizing a person’s home or office.  She did for my accounting firm and home in a very professional manner and always with a smile.  I believe she did the most difficult job in a very timely and efficient manner.  Moving from Lubbock Texas to the Houston area was done with Consider it Done’s help at both Lubbock & Houston.  Lori, in my opinion, has a trademark on the term “Consider it Done!”  I would use Lori if I was moving anywhere in the Nation!


When I asked you to help me with redecorating my home I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find you to be such a warm, cooperative and fun person to work with.  You listen to what I want to accomplish and you work within my budget.  Your opinion means a great deal to me.  You are knowledgeable in your field and you are up to date in your suggestions.  You work so hard within the time frame that is allotted.  I could never have done it without you.  My home has never looked better and we had fun to boot!!  Looking forward to working with you again!

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