This is the time of year we typically want to clean out the things, the clothes, and the broken toys, all the things we no longer use wear or want. I’m offering you seven tips for you to have a successful month to clean out and set up a yard sale.

  1. This first weekend, roll up your sleeves and go through your closets, garage, toys, and kitchen. You are looking for items that you no longer use. Be honest, you know what really fits, what you really wear, and what the kids really do play with. Box up the items that you’re not using.
  2. As you are getting ready for your yard sale, group like things together. Sort boxes by price; one box can hold 50 cent items, for example.
  3. Set up your yard sale like a store. The big-ticket items at the front, to draw attention to your sale.
  4. Make a bargain bin. These things can be marked ½ off or sell for 3 for one. Everyone loves a good bargain
  5. Name brand products are still in demand, even in your yard sale. Your signs should advertise your slightly used Michael Kors handbag or Under Armour athletic wear.
  6. Color counts! Yellow signs with bold print will get the attention of your customers. No more than eight words on each sign are all that is needed. Add a red plastic table covers to a few tables. Red stimulates and can boost sales.
  7. When pricing items, keep in mind that “a third of what it costs new” is only a guideline. Try to look at your stuff objectively. Do you really think people will be knocking down your door to get at your old t-shirts with stains on them? That’s why they make good rags. If you have a bunch of items that are missing pieces or broken, put it in your FREE box with a note “broken – good for parts” or something similar.

Make a little effort now and you’ll have more money in your pockets and your home or office will have fewer things that are unused and unwanted!