With the beginning of the year being a time many of us reset and
refresh our homes after the holidays, it feels so good to have it all
put away. As much as I love Christmas and all the decorating side
of it that I get to do for different holidays, it also has a lot of joy in
having spaces that are very organized and clear spaces &
How many of us go into our office that has stacks and stacks of
files and papers, even on the floor? The fact that those are still
there, implies that there is something that still needs to be done
with them. Which then brings on the “cringy” emotions of shame
and guilt. Even if in small ways, if we are honest with ourselves,
we didn’t get it all done, even if that means just filing the darn

“Organization” could mean finishing something from start to finish. If we are
dedicated to making life easier and more organized, we will be better managers of
our time. I am a perfectionist, and many times I get caught up in the details. So
much so, that I must check myself to see the big picture at times and not just down
in the ruts. Putting off tasks or decisions, is the definition of procrastination, which
is not a disease nor contagious, it is though the lack of confidence in knowing
when the right time is, or the right inspiration is, or right motivations to come
along. Can I tell you now is the right inspiration, the right motivation, and the very
right time.
I was visiting with a client who admired someone else who was seven years older for how they looked, how active they are and all they still were accomplishing. I asked, “are you going to wait until your seventy to do those things?” and I waited. It sank in that right now, is when you have the choice. It is so easy to look at the neighbor or the co worker and think how “perfect” their life seems to be. It is not perfect, but they may just be making better choices for themselves every day.

I am reminded that clear counters and clear consciousness is also making the way for progress to do more, have new experiences, and enjoy the space you are in all the time. A hoarder does not cook at home, because they cannot find or use their oven. The mind clutter will distract us from what we really want if we aren’t careful.

“It’s not intentions that matter. It’s actions. We are what we do and say, not what
we intend.”