I kept it ALL…But I am not free

January is always a new beginning a new month to refresh and regroup. We decide and determine to follow through with good intentions, but sometimes we get in our own way. Having more money allows us to have more stuff, which then we worry about more, such as who is going to steal it? Where do we put it? How will we store it? Do we need a bigger storage unit? And then before we realize it, our stuff is more of a burden than a blessing. And the freedom to get and buy anything our hearts desire turns into losing items and buying more to replace what is lost.

Drowning in your own house?

I see photos of people standing on the edge of a mountain, arms wide open, and nothing beside them. Just the clothes on their back, and the wide-open spaces. No clutter, no excess of stuff, free.

So, as we are making our determinations for this new year. Take a moment to really take an account of what adds value to your life, may it be the people, the friends, the things or the experiences. If having stuff is what is important to you, keep what makes you happy. Hang on to things that make your life easier, and add value to your life. We can do the same for people, and experiences. You may have learned a lot from going skiing and breaking your leg, but you wouldn’t want to go through that again. People aren’t disposable, but keep those who are precious to you close. Text, call, and spend time with them, instead of those who drain the emotions from you, who take from you financially, emotionally and spiritually. Be free of the financial battles with the person you let borrow some money, or took advantage of you. Those are negatives that you learned a lesson from but don’t go down that hill again. Find contentment in the good that is in your life right now. Change a few things if you must, but make it the life that is happy and easy to live. Contentment comes from the freedom of the negatives.

Happy New Year.
January 2018
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