I walked by a car the other day that shocked me, yes even me! I have seen some messes in my day, from hoarders to simply laziness that over time creates the biggest disaster called “CHAOS” you have ever seen! There are people that really do live in mayhem!

I talk about how we keep our homes and our offices a lot but if those areas are in disarray, so are our vehicles, our bodies, and our lifestyle. It is a lot to manage it all, but it is doable, trust me. It just means you have to change a few habits!

Does this picture represent anything in your life? Not only is the trash a tell-tell sign it is also representative of what one eats and puts in their body! I see a rug, so I assume this car owner was wiping their feet once they get into the car? What part of this car makes sense to you? If your sympathetic or can relate to this at any point in your life, think through why you were or are in this place and you just don’t care. What is going on that you don’t have the energy to bag some of this trash. This trash is just a sign of what is going on deeper and internally. This trash is not the only sign, as it also affects your body and your spirit; messy car almost always equals messy house, messy life.

Although it disgusts me to mention there are vehicles that have had maggots inside…. One car with maggots inside it also held an 18-karat rock! When the owner was asked about it, she said, “yeah I lost that about 4 months ago”. Really? A $20,000 rock isn’t worth looking for? What brings a person to just not care? I have heard of pet hamsters, and lizards being lost in the car. They are not lost if they live in a car full of food and paper…. They just think they have a new home!

So this month, make a change for the better in your vehicle! If you have kids, you get a pass for crushed Cheerios, lost chicken fingers and a spilled juice box which comes with the territory of having kids, yet at some point, clean and detail your ride & you will not want to mess it back up! A few ideas that will help you to prevent this are, first of all, don’t eat in your car. We live in a hurry-up world, but taking thirty minutes to sit at a table, eat, plan the afternoon, is much easier on the stomach and your wardrobe than stuffing your face in ten minutes or less trying to make sure ketchup at least falls on your dark pants, instead of your white button down. Not to mention driving while eating is just as bad as texting a driving. Slow down, take a few minutes to breathe and give back to you. Take a moment to think through what you are blessed with, what you’re grateful for and clear your mind, it will affect the rest of your day.

Second, what are you eating? This car evidence is not the picture of health! I don’t see one wrapper from an apple or banana or an empty container of almonds! Don’t you see how eating like this is slowly but surely you are killing yourself! I read this quote just this morning “You don’t have to be wealthy to be healthy… it’s all about priorities and valuing your health above all else” You have to be an active participant in your own health, and you are capable of incredible things when balanced, and thinking clear!

There are hundreds of car organizers out there to purchase, find one that works for you and use it. Depending on what stage of life that you’re at or what you do, we can find you a container that will satisfy your needs. Nothing is more frustrating than to stop short at a light and your folder for the next meeting flies to the floorboard, with every paper loose and out of order. But if it is zipped up in a work bag, or strapped into file bin, you still have your file in order, but it may just be lying on the car mat. Loose objects, it seems, can become “dangerous flying projectiles if you brake quickly…This is a hazard that can cause very serious injury.” “Installing a barrier or strapping them down is an option to prevent objects from flying forward and yet if they were put away, it wouldn’t be there in the first place! Take into the office what you need that you have traveled with, so it is not lost. Clients spend a great deal of money getting documents remade because they got lost in the shuffle. When you get home at night, take in everything that doesn’t belong in the car. Your wardrobe, for example, should be in the closet or at the cleaners not on the floor of your car. Does every morning seem stressful for you and your family because you can’t find the backpack, work bag, or the shoes to go with the outfit? How much time is wasted by searching for that elusive shoe? This isn’t vacuuming and detailing your car every night, it is just carrying in the days work, so that you are prepared for the next morning.

You feeling presentable when you get out at work, comes from a calm spirit, being well dressed and clean, and it affects your whole entire day. You set the mood for your day from the first moment you wake, if you have set yourself up for success, you will be!


Full of Purpose