It is a peculiar phenomenon that happens with CHAOS!

I recently visited a potential client home where there was nothing in the right place! It seems like the chaos was contagious, and manifest itself in every place and corner of the house. I heard many excuses from this stay at home dad, and truthfully there are stages of life that are constant interruptions, where the success of a goal seems impossible. And yet it was almost impossible for him to get a grip on the day to day routine of his own house.

After flipping through page after page of notes that he and his wife and kids had scribbled and written, he found his list of “problem areas” which included the cycle of laundry, too many bins and baskets, pantry & the loathed Tupperware, garage, and his work/study area. So, we then took a tour of the house, and I saw his point.

The master bedroom contains more than it should to begin with, as the function of the master bedroom or closet is not to do laundry, or store toys. This picture of the playpen in the master bedroom, that is now what he calls the “laundry basket out of necessity”. What really is needed; is a few hangers and about thirty minutes! Yet the problem then multiplies. The clothes were not in the closet because the closet was full of toys, old diaper boxes (that was full of more stuff) The playpen could not be used to contain a two-year-old toddler so dad or mom could get some things accomplished. The baby now, is free to drag out every diaper or anything he can get his hands on and on and on it goes.

This family is storing some of his dad’s belongings, and the garage holds everything and anything, except the two vehicles sitting outdoors. Items that someone was going to pick up or intended to be handed down to someone else. The pantry was the same chaos, just different items of chaos. There are corners of disaster in every room. I do not tell this story to embarrass anyone, rather this is more typical that you might know, and it is fixable and with a few changes this can be a house that is functional and enjoyable to be in. If you are storing things that are to be given away or are someone else’s, first, you are more patient than I am, and you are renting your space for free. Set some time boundaries on friends or family that are waiting to come to get the furniture; if they don’t get it by the end of the month, donate it to your favorite charity. Potential clients often have too many bins and baskets, which were purchased in attempting to get organized, yet more often than that, the bins or baskets become yet another place to dump more stuff. They desperately want organization and functionality, but end up more frustrated and overwhelmed. Buying more is not the cure, time management is a better remedy.

Our well-meaning in-laws and parents are not helpful, by giving (or dumping) unwanted household items on their children. Be professional as a parent even with your own kids as you offer your unwanted Tupperware or dishes (or anything else for that matter) to them, knowing that they may not want your own clutter. Family emotions and feelings about their stuff are more evident than with friends or co-workers. Kids don’t want to tell parents “no” and then they tell me about, “all the stuff that his or her mom dumped on us”. Just ask! Ask, would this [item] be helpful to you? Do you need extra blankets? Before unloading your chaos on your kids.

We all think differently and what works and seems easy for you to think through and the process will be difficult for someone else. Yet to make positive changes, we must have an open mind and realize that for now, the current system just is NOT working. Be open to a new way of thinking and to change. Consulting some clients in organization is to help them realize what is the function of this space, and how that space can work for you. It is about self-discipline and managing time, and people around you.

When you have difficulties with that, call us, we will consult, organize or assist you in a chaos-free environment.