It’s warming up outside again so therefore it’s time to box up our sweaters and scarves and make room for our summer clothing. This May we are giving you 6 wardrobe organizing tips to help you with this transformation.

  1. If you have kids or multiple closets that need undertaking, set aside an hour or so in your schedule to conquer one closet at a time. Tackling them all in one day will make it feel like more of a daunting chore instead of the refreshment that it really is so we recommend spacing them out.
  2. Let’s get you prepared. Before you start your summer closet makeover, make sure to have a few plastic storage boxes (with lids) on hand. Each box needs to be labeled with the appropriate description of what it contains. (I.E. Sweaters, Scarves, Ski Gear…) and label one of the boxes DONATE. Note: Your Donate container can be something as simple as a trash bag.
  3. As you go through each winter item I want you to ask yourself if you actually wore it this season. If the answer is No, then you are most likely not going to wear it next season either and that particular item needs to be placed in the Donate container.
  4. While you are taking things out of your closet, sorting as you go will find you much peace when it’s all over. Place alike items- like sweaters- together in the same container so you will only have one box labeled sweaters. Doing so will prevent a scavenger hunt next winter.
  5. Your closet probably looks a lot brighter already! The pinks, yellows, and oranges are really popping now…. In order for them to be truly cherished, they need to be color coded. As a professional organizer, this makes me very happy.
  6. Your closet should be an organized sanctuary and you should be able to walk into it and know exactly what you are looking for and where to find it. This goal is only reachable through color coordination. Sort your shirts light to dark, and also by sleeve length. Keep that Donate box handy just in case you come across something you find yourself not loving anymore.
  7. When bringing out your skirts and shorts, try to keep them all on the bottom rack. It’s more realistic and has a better appearance overall. Different bottoms can be placed separately. Ex. Shorts can be sorted light to dark and next to shorts can be skirts, jeans, etc..

Remember to have fun with your closet! Add some meaningful décor or display your jewelry in a fun way to spice it up. Now when you go to get ready you have not only a functional, but an enjoyable space and something to be proud of.