Writing is now one of my favorite things to do. It seems like I catch myself jotting down thoughts at random, more often than ever before. This year I have tried to be mindful of appreciation and to not take the little things for granted. To see people who do unappreciated work and acknowledge them. So, as I reflect on this week, I have some women in my life that have brought all of themselves to the table. I mean mind, body, and soul. One of my employees told me what has been helpful when I have stepped up to contribute more to what I have asked of them. We had a conversation in the middle of a weekday morning, that made a big difference in the outcome of this week. She posted a great post on social media, and it was thought out well planned and exactly what I asked for, which was to post a short story about going back to school, be creative and do it in your own way.

I had an overdue conversation with my mom. Remember those signs you see that say, “Call your MOM!”, those reminders from people who now know the pain of not having the opportunity to call their mom. Or perhaps from a mom herself, asking a child to call. Those signs are there for a purpose. In all the conversations I have needed over the years, I needed this one. She was kind, loving and understanding, and everything you would hope a mom should be. Sunday was her birthday and if the last thing I could give her on her birthday was love from her daughter, from five hundred miles away, then that’s what I intended on doing, but more often than not, I was the one who received the gift.

I had dinner with my girl! We don’t do this often (enough). We catch up like we never missed a day in our lives when really it has been too long. She brought her “A” game as well, we both talked about past hurts, and shame and the everyday stuff of life. We talked honestly and openly, and without fear. We have this thing now, that has been built with time, it is solid, and that is structure. We have the framework for a great relationship. Over time one of us will build a wall, and one of us will break down those walls. And over time we have learned who is our roof, our protection. No matter, the stages of life, deep in our core, we both know we have each other in our corner.

My daughters, have sent a two worded text that just said “Love You”, or how much it meant to have help with the babies. There is little time for deep conversations it seems any more, but when we do connect and have appreciation and reassurance from each other, we then can have conversation that might express concerns, or desire, or trouble shooting through ideas. You see when we structure or build a frame for expectations then there are perimeters for individual creativity. Success didn’t come from demanding an employee meet my expectations. Yet, opening up conversation about ideas, and brainstorming, and allowing everyone at the table to create possible solutions, to any concerns that we have had.

Never take for granted the women in your life that ask you to have a conversation. She really does want to understand you more. Never take for granted your mom, she really does love you and want good in your life. And never take for granted the ability to communicate. There are many ways to do that, we all have our own way, some clients will respond better to a email than a text or a phone call. But find what works, because it will make every relationship better.

Always, Lori