We recently took a little weekend getaway and it was just long enough to get some perspective. It seems that work keeps us tied to something in our city and it was a challenge to even get a bag packed to go. We worked our jobs in the morning and tried to finish what needed to be done by noon or slightly thereafter. When I returned home it was slightly after 2 p.m. and my husband was at the garage door saying “let’s go” I hurriedly threw the last few things in a bag and agreed we could leave. As we drove away I thought of 5 things that I wished I would have gotten in our bags before we left. We drove through the car wash, got some cash, grabbed a lunch sandwich at our local firehouse subs, and then drove back to the house to get whatever it was I thought I needed, and got on the road by 3:00 p.m. One of the reasons my husband is loved is that he is patient with me.

The time on the road gave us time.

It seems that time is taken for granted when we are home, there is work, people, interruptions that interfere, and calendar that tells us where to be next and when to be there. But when we step away for just a little while we had time to talk about some new ideas and future plans, and not so much about work or clients or cases. Thinking that we will get a chance to slow down and do this or that, we end up taking time for granted. Think of the man whose parent is dying, and how precious the time is that they share. To have the time to say what needs to be said, before it no longer can be said. Every minute is valued and will be remembered.


So, we arrived at our destination and met some friends and checked in to a hotel. We got up early the next morning and was on the lake as the sun was beginning to rise. There were no appointments or no schedules for us to keep. We had the pleasure of staying out all day or whatever we pleased. We packed food with us and ate at various times, just because we had the time. We eventually ate dinner out at a local restaurant and took a stroll around the city just to see what we could see. As we got out and begin to walk, we came around a little corner and there were a group of kids, standing on a bridge. They came in the afternoons in the summer to jump. It was their entertainment and as the kidded with each other about being brave enough to jump or threaten each other to be pushed, and as I watched I thought how it takes very little money or things to enjoy the simple joys in childhood. Beside the river, they needed nothing more to be quite entertained. Families had set up places for a picnic, some had music, and most of the families were in the water cooling off, & relaxing.

So, before the summer ends, I hope we all have time to appreciate the time we have. Never take for granted that we have tomorrow.

“Let me tell thee, time is a very precious gift of God; so precious that he only gives it to us moment by moment.”

#nevertakeforgranted #timewellspent