The tiny things that make you happy. It is a smile that the lady at the market gives you, In spite of whatever it is that you tell yourself. It may be that you woke up today. It might be a phone call you had with some very giggly girls.

One of my employees has a candle fetish perhaps. She often jokes that someone might think she is hosting a séance but she loves them all lit up at night. Those tiny little flames though put her in a place that is ready for calm, for sleep and relaxation. What a trade! One little votive candle for calm sleep and relaxation.

If it is the tiny things that we should never take for granted, what is the smallest thing you really do appreciate, but often take for granted? Is it the little tap on the leg when your baby says, momma? Or is it when your husband walks in the door? The song on the radio that brings you back to a memory that was your first girlfriend/boyfriend? I believe we are looking ever looking for the next BIG thing that we overlook the small joys in life.

I sat out on the patio tonight and listened to the dove coo to her new little chicks, and somewhere close was a cricket making her own music. Down the alley was children playing and laughing. As adults we worry and overthink, “those kids shouldn’t be in the alley….. they could get run over” They should be …. This. They should be …. That. How about for a while just listening to the carefree laughter? How about let them be kids? Just listen. Be grateful you can hear, and that there is this ever, evolving life of these birds that keep having babies in this planter, and bugs that seem to be able to make their very own music. Be grateful that children can play without one single worry that you and I seem to own.

The smallest thing tonight is knowing that being wrong, mistaken and misunderstood is part of a journey and that being so imperfect and really knowing it, gives a little more room for understanding, and compassion for every single person in life that comes across unloving and short-tempered. Being grateful for the hard times, and knowing that there can be a purpose in them, and makes room for loving ourselves and each other without shame.

What tiny thing are you grateful for?


Consider It Done