You know how the story goes, when your standing out by your mailbox and the neighbor waves and walks across the street, to say hello, or really to ask who all had been parking in your drive. They might as well come over and ask, “who is in your house and why are they there?” There is a good thing about those kind of neighbors, as they are nosey enough that they are an extra pair of eyes and ears to watch your house, and they will be the one to tell you what they know about the other neighbors. Gossip is a dangerous conversation to walk through, as the source and truth of the discussion very possibly will be what we now hear of as “alternate truth or fake news”

Yet when your neighbor is pleased with the food at the new restaurant, or housekeeper, lawn service etc., they will certainly tell you. A key part of being in business is your reputation. It doesn’t matter what business you are in or where you are located, your reputation will be built, and your neighbor will tell their neighbor. And anyone who you do business with….. will tell their neighbor. A recent client has remodeled a home, and lived in the house at the same time. There have been moments of frustration, when a new crew shows up at 7:30 every morning ready to work, or not being certain of the choices that were made. I heard my client say, “I can stand anything as long as I know it will be over soon” And the contractor, says when asked about what this week’s plans are, “to finish up and get out of your hair”

But as we are almost at the end of this little project, it is all coming together; and clients have asked friends over for the weekend, although possibly a little premature for the stage of the house. The friends are anxious to see what all has changed in the last eight weeks, and the homeowner is proud as she goes through the house describing all the changes. When I see the long hours and dusty work all come down to proud clients, it makes it feel all worthwhile. So, finishing a remodel or organization project and knowing that a client is proud and happy of the transformation, is rewarding and there is no fears of what the neighbors will tell their neighbors. As you go about your day, and interact with people, clients, employees, and neighbors in your life, know that you make an impression. It is understandable that we are all human and have differences, and good days and bad. We may have fears and insecurities that come out in different ways yet, our character is one that will be trusted, or not. Be wise in what we say we will do, as someone believes in our words.

Gavin DeGraw sings a song called Follow Through with a few lyrics that go something like this, “this is the start of something good, don’t you agree? We can build through this destruction and stand on our feet. You’ll have to follow through with every word you say.” So when the cook says your food will be right out, and you still wait another 45 minutes, or the lady tells you the parts have been ordered and they really have not, we recognize character, honesty, and reliability. And that will be what the neighbors tell the neighbors.

I read once, “Do more or Promise less”. I know we have all overbooked or missed an appointment one time or another because we promised more than we had time to do. Know what your abilities and limitations may be, and follow through, as the end results can be very rewarding, to you, and the neighbors.

Consider It Done