The last time I mentioned the sweet stuff, I wasn’t talking about homemade marshmallows or hand-dipped chocolate strawberries. The Sweet stuff is the moments that we share with family and friends and new acquaintances. The sweet stuff in our kitchen isn’t the brick and mortar as much as it is the memories that are made within that room, but many times we let it get out of control. We work around the spatula that got caught in the blender and is missing a piece, or the crock pot with a broken lid, which burns our fingers when we try to get the lid off. Some people ( I won’t mention names ) have so much expired food in the way of what they typically eat, that it’s a total game of hide and seek, or spin the bottle, taking your chances of what is not going to poison you if you eat it. That makes cooking miserable and a dreaded chore. There is nothing sweet in the stuff that is old and ruined.

Go through the pantry each month and see what is not being used, if its old it goes in the trash. If we haven’t used that can of tomatoes, then its time to adjust the menu, to use it up. It’s not difficult if you stay on top of it and keep it updated. The tools and small appliances that we use that are a little bit broken, that are a frustration; really wouldn’t cost much to replace. Consider It Done helps our clients to weed out the frustrations out of the kitchen, we’ll make you a list of what needs to be replaced or fixed, and organize the tools and food that you actually do use! Keeping your kitchen in order and current, makes having moments of the moments that are memorable (the sweet stuff) happen more often and sweeter. Call us if you want some help in making your kitchen work with you and your family not against you.

Lori Martinez
P: 806.759.7689