This year I have written maybe more than I ever have before. I have made it my mission to appreciate those people around us that possibly are taken for granted. You see, you may never look up and see that the trees are changing colors, or that the days are getting shorter, and hate that you haven’t observed that. But the truth is the trees, or the sky won’t feel neglected if we take them for granted. I really want to appreciate fellow humans. The man that carries a soul, who does good and bad, who may be our next neighbor, a co-worker, or stranger. I hope to make an appreciation to people who do some of the longest hours in the day, who really work the hardest of us all, to know that I am grateful for progress in the new development close to the house, or for delivery from the fed ex-guy who ALWAYS delivers to the garage, because it is easier on me. Or the touch-up paint done just right because the guy cares about the details. Or the home builder who still will answer his phone after 50+ calls from the people moving in, because he wants to make moving in easier on them.


In the summer I ran miles, and on some mornings, there was a man walking a little dog, that never spoke to me, but would wave and smile. It was barely getting light some mornings and it was hard to see but yet, I made out a smile and a wave. Whether I run in the morning or go to the gym there is someone there who is great to me. Like the lady at the gym. She is there before I get there, and I go very early in the morning. She is amazing. She’s not there with a bad attitude! She seems busy all the time, folding towels making sure there are plenty for the day for people who come in. She meets the faces who drag their bodies to the gym at an ungodly hour of the day, and smiles, and makes everyone feel welcome and a part of the gym. She’s like a family member that welcomes you back. One morning as I was leaving, I stopped and said, “you always start my day off good. You greet me with a smile, and say have a good work out. You always seem to have a good attitude, and keep this gym looking and working great while you are here.” She smiled a little embarrassed smile, and said, “ well thank you, no one has ever said that to me before, I do what I can”.


You see, just look up. When we can be grateful for the small things, then we will truly appreciate the bigger things when they come. Who made your life better? Who saved your life? Who showed you tough love? Who do you look at and think, “You are part of why I am successful.”? If we really took a moment to appreciate the website geek that does all the things I ask, or the new employee who is not sure he or she is doing it all “right” but so very willing to try, we will be thankful and not so arrogant and self-serving. Because if I acknowledge what I know I can do, I also acknowledge what I cannot, and the people who are in my life that can. This is in business, in family, in the people who are at the church when you go.






Consider It Done