A brave soldier, fighter, a human being who accepts the call and walks the long arduous path of living in ones full potential. A warrior is someone who loves as fully as possible, who understands his or her needs and is fearless in telling others what are, even at the risk of looking vulnerable. A warrior’s mindset must be developed with mental training, and conditioning to develop a dimension from physical and psychological training for maximum performance.

Looking back in history there was a woman named Ladgreda. She started her career as a warrior when Fro, King of Sweden invaded Norway and killed the Norwegian King who then put the women of the dead Kings family into a brothel for public humiliation. Ladgerda is said to have been a skilled Amazon Warrior, a maiden of courage like a man, and fought amongst the bravest. She wore her hair loose over her shoulders, making her known as a woman even in battle. All marveled at her deeds and matchless spirit, and splendid bravery, though she was built delicate.

It took training for her to be known as this, to have the reputation that she did. She trained her mind, and her body to be able to plan the attacks that she did and have the stamina to fight. What initiated her fight? Perhaps it was the injustice of these other women, perhaps it was standing up for what is the right thing to do. There are people, that I see this warrior spirit in, and it always amazes me. My friends Josh and Emily had to bury thier newborn son this past week, and is struggling hour by hour, with an indescribable heartache, but I see within a strength that I don’t recognize in myself. I was quickly reminded of Liz and Joseph loosing sweet baby Jackson a few years back and see the journey that even he created in his short life, because we all serve a purpose. I know there are many others that fall into this category, and you have survived. Because of injustice and trying so hard to understand why such bad things happen to innocent people, we see where a warrior spirit comes from. Where our bravery and courage comes in, when we face the scariest things in our lives and still step forward. How do we prepare for a warrior spirit? We push our selves outside of that tiny little circle we call comfort. We face our fears and embrace failing as learning great lessons, find purpose in the experiences. There are tiny things in life that we say “I’m afraid if… this or that” and we don’t move through the fear, but turn and run from it. And if we cannot handle mentally or physically the tiny things in life, how then are we training for the fight.

Heavy is the Crown and yet she wears it as if it were a feather

There is strength in her heart, determination in her eyes and the will

To survive resides with he soul. She is You.. A warrior, a champion a Fighter

A Queen.

  • R.h. sin

Take time to be a warrior. Train for it, meditate on it, pray for it. Hustle, grind and take slow and deliberate steps to be the warrior. Wait on development, but develop. Wait on faith but develop your faith. Wait on your plan, but develop it. Be A Warrior! A maiden of Courage! A man of bravery! Practice it and know that every second is preparing you for something greater. Living my journey.