Some people set goals and resolutions this time of year, and then some did so on January first, and have already slipped away from those resolutions. It seems that there are very few things now that we observe that people have a resolve for. A dedication and determination that there is nothing to come between them and their decision. Let’s be clear, this is only your life, your choices, your consequences. No one else is coming to knock on your door and set them for you, or make you accomplish anything. Others may laugh or discourage you, but this is your vision for your life, your year, yourself. If you let others drag you down when you only have a vision, you won’t make it through to meet your goals. Be Determined!

Being organized is not just having a perfect office or home. It is about being disciplined to manage your office or home, or, your life. We offer consultations for clients, because for one reason or another cannot get it all done or they have lost their vision, because I believe one needs a vision for what they would like before making a plan or setting goals to get there.

Let me explain, if you wanted your home to look like a picture out of a magazine (your vision) you will want to set goals to make that happen. You might come to realize that you need to update the wall color and change the carpet. But before that, you need to get the furniture out and wipe down the walls, but before that you need to get the laundry off of the couch, and while your getting the laundry off the couch, you find your favorite magazine in the cushions, and it reminds you to that you really want to have a house that looks like that picture in the pages of the magazine.

See sometimes we go in a vicious circle to get back to where we started, and still are with no further progress that when you started. If your vision is a home that looks like it’s from a magazine. Don’t get stuck there. Some people sit eating on the couch and complain “why doesn’t my house look like one in the magazine” never even had a vision. Be clear what your vision is for this month, for three months, six months and the end of the year. By the end of the month I will________________ knowing that this goal is a step towards your vision. It might be that by the end of the month I am going to repaint the walls in my house. And you are actively taking steps to make your vision come true.