I have often heard it said, and have said myself, “there is nothing like a Texas sunset”, and there is truth in those words.   How many sunsets or even sunrises have you noticed, remembered, or made note of? 


In Twenty- twenty, we have made a lot of adjustments for, and have been focused on a lot of things, except for the sunsets, and beginnings.   We’ve made masks, we’ve cooked more, zoomed more, and we have focused on a lot of things, but not the beginnings of things that could matter most perhaps.  Focusing on an intentional vacation is the trip you must take.  It is the trip that will take ten minutes to get “out of town” to have ten hours on the road, that seems like just barely a moment of time.  The trip with no true purpose, except to clear the mind and heart.  The trip to reconnect with the family that you just must see again, no matter what.  

Go. Get. Scram.   Summer is aging and the time is now, to invest in the friend, invest in the sunsets, and invest in the sunrises.  Invest in listening, to the silence of the country, or the deer or the birds or the nothing, and know in all the chaos of life we are here to be the student or the teacher still.  Nothing is certain, and yet knowing that who we invest in, is worth the time and energy and money.   Getting away for the weekend to visit one of your best people, the one’s you cannot remember not knowing, the ones who when is in town; ask if they can crash at the house or will call and say “what’s going on this weekend”?  And if nothing is critical, we ALWAYS get the answer, “we aren’t doing anything that you can’t help with or you can hang with us doing it”.  

Do you realize how valuable it is to know, really know, who is in your corner?  To have the circle of friends that are patient with you when you have hurt feelings or the friend that somehow “just knows” that saying yes to your crazy adventure will fix a lot of things.  The friend that will ask you random questions because you can answer and because they can ask.   Our truth is, when we have that certain someone on our heart, it’s time to call, visit, or excursion with.  Because if we are doing life with “who” we love, then we are doing “what’ we love. The “what” might be, cooking, hunting, shopping, sharing stories, fishing, or finding (unexpected) skunks, or watching the sunsets, and telling stories again of our past.  It is the things that happen that create the story of the times we share.  But in those stories, we realize that these are the people who have consistently been in the circle of our lives. The friend whose parents becomes friends, who tells good news of your own children and how being respected is “the best”. The friend who investigates your strengths and weaknesses’.  These are the rich moments, that make deep conversations, that fill up your mind, body, and spirit. They are present, not always perfect, but who filled in at a wedding, or that someone that can eat a good amount of queso and still go running, they are the ones who we can throw on boots, capris, and a tank shirt with cares to the wind, & just drive.  Drive to find a view, to find scenery, or a sunset or find a sunrise on a morning run.  Those are the friends who value, and are valuable. 

This year has presented some challenges, yet there is still as much time as we have ever had before.  Take a weekend and connect with your friends, family, a sunset from a different view and a sunrise with a loved one. Savor those moments, and plan for the next ones.