So you found your new place. You are so excited about all the possibilities that the new household and all the memories you plan to make there, until the reality sets in. You have a LOT of stuff and it will take a LOT of energy to move it all! Here are a few tips that I tell clients when we are helping them move.

1. Pack what you can live without first. Many rooms like a craft room or attics can be packed and ready to move way before the kitchen or bathrooms can.
2. Don’t pack or move what you don’t use anyhow. If you haven’t used it, worn it, or thought about it in years, you probably won’t in the new location. Donate it now and be rid of one more thing to actually move.
3. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials. Personal items, checkbooks key, etc.
4. Pack a last and first box. Last to be packed and first to be opened at a new location. I like a clear tub for these items. You will want this box to contain a box cutter, paper towels & toilet paper, trash bags, phone chargers, a few tools, and last bottle of spray cleaner. A fresh bath towel and shower curtain will be nice to have in here as well. 5. After a long day of moving your home, I promise you don’t want to forgo a hot shower on your first night home.
6. Ziplock bags taped to the back of the headboard will keep your bed parts, screws, and bolts with the bed itself, so you can put the bed back together again.
7. Label the boxes! We are huge fans of labels anyhow, but if each box has a room label on it, and what is in each box it will help everyone from the movers, the organizer or the spouse to know which boxes go where, and what might be most important to open first. Label the sides of the boxes not the tops. Movers can shuffle a stack of boxes into the kitchen without having to move each box to see where it belongs.
8. Cover bottles that contain liquids with saran wrap and put lids back on. One less mess is always a good thing especially on moving day
9. Shrink wrap silverware drawers or jewelry cabinets
10. Take a picture of how your electronics were connected, and repeat that at the new place.
Use your bins, suitcases, and baskets to move items in. No wasted space should be in this move.
11. Call Consider It Done. Moving is a process even if it is a few blocks away, or across the State of Texas. Organized and efficient is the best way to make a move. We can make that happen and Consider It Done!