I have thought about change recently, and it seems that has been a common topic for me recently, yet I keep having reminders, from everyday life and the people around me. Change is inevitable and it is an understood part of life.

I have recently met a girl, who is about to move away, and the better I know her, the more I understand how graceful some people can handle life. She is going to have some major changes in her life soon. I listen to her phone calls as she explains time and time again that she will soon be leaving the company and moving to another city. She explains how this move will be so good for her family and yet she herself is in a bit of mourning. Her work is selfless to make this transition easy on her boss, and her family. She makes trips every weekend just to be with her family and works night and day to make sure loose ends are tightened up before she leaves. No doubt her work schedule keeps her busy and her mind occupied, yet change is coming like a runaway train.

As we gear up for the holiday season there is some advice that I’ll offer, yet keep in mind that change will happen. You will run out of time during the Christmas holidays if you don’t plan now. It is not too early to make photo Christmas cards and address them, or buy some Christmas gifts. Schedule the ski trip that you will take, or make sure you are on the calendar for the company that puts your lights up or decorates your house. Most of you already know the favorite foods that you will make for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner so go ahead and plan the meal, make your shopping list, and you will have half the work done already in October. There will be things that come up over the next few months, that are unexpected, but you can handle it, because you are working now to prepare for the changes that come. It takes a few minutes here or there to make changes and transitions not only happen but happen smoothly.

I read recently “Humans can only truly cherish a limited number of things at one time.” We all are at one time or another lazy and forgetful and we don’t take proper care of everything that needs to be done, or even the things that we have, or the people in our lives. But I want for you to appreciate those that you love, and cherish the time you have with them. I hope that your holiday memories are sweet and full of the ones that you love. So I tell you, to organize now your list, your trips, your gifts to buy, and all the things you expect to accomplish through the holidays. Why? Because organizing it all is NOT the purpose of life. I, myself enjoy organizing; I’m passionate about keeping us organized and decorated. But for most of you, it is far more important to pour your time into what brings you the most joy, your own mission in life. Being organized helps you to find the mission in your own life, that which speaks to your own heart.

So as changes are coming for my friend, and you find your own self-looking ahead at transitions of life, the best advice I can give, is plan for what you see ahead of you as best you can, leave where you are better than how you found it. Without one doubt of regret or hesitation, know that what you are leaving behind is only the beginning of something new. A new stage of life with kids or marriage or empty nest creates anxiety for most, but saying goodbye to those things or places is a wonderful gift. You have had the best of times with the beginning of this school year, or with babies that are now teenagers, or an old house that you made sweet memories in. At the end of this gift of getting to be where you are now, or who you are with, or who you are working for, realize that you can let go because now you know it wasn’t yours to hold onto anyhow, it was a gift.