The wind is blowing (again) and all day, people say, “I would shake your hand, but I am not feeling my best” I have heard a few more sneezes and coughs than I have in a while and I know, our seasons have changed. Not only have people adjusted to a different climate, they have also embraced it. The whole attire has changed of people on the street. The first cool day we had, I saw several people wearing boots, I mean winter boots with fur and all. I laugh. I laugh at the thought we are so anxious for what is new, that we don’t even appreciate the sun shining on our face. We can’t wait to wear the new outfit, the new boots, when we are not really, or the weather is not ready for that. I will preface the next few paragraphs with, why this brings these thoughts to my heart. Yesterday, October 16th we decorated our first christmas tree this season. Our client was happy, we were happy, put a little money in the bank and we called the day49E2047E-9803-4E39-BAD8-4F723218E67B a success. But during the day we had the conversation about how missing out on Halloween and the thrill for families with little ones, happens so easy because we are moving so fast to not miss out on Christmas. In July I had a friend booking her family’s winter vacation. Listen, life takes planning, I am The Organizer, I get it, yet when we do more, buy more, take on more, than what we can manage, then life is not as fun.

This truth rings true in my life, more than most. We have clients who LOVE to shop. I’m not totally condemning; there is nothing wrong with shopping. Yet when we always are looking for the next best outfit, the next best meal, the next good…. whatever…. We miss the sunshine on our face, we miss enjoying what food taste like, what a warm sweater feels like! When you have more houses than you have home, more started projects (still in the bag or packaged) than you have art on the wall, you have missed the sunshine. The thrill of something new is our own demise. We buy, get, and acquire to have more stuff that sits unused un-loved or un-appreciated. Because the new feels good and the chaos does not. I have (Unnamed) clients who buy a new table or desk, because the last one was too full to sit at and use.

When is Enough, Enough? Are five tables enough? Ten? A house that cannot be walked, lived in or loved? Is then, that enough things? When house number six doesn’t have enough space for you, and you cannot find where anything is, and you continue to find reason to go buy the newer, the bigger, the best. Stop and think about why and what are you doing. You have a collection of ……. Plates, dishes, art? Yet, no one can use them or see them because they might break or ruin, then we have lost a bit of why we collected anything in the beginning. Family photos should be shared, stories told, relationships made. China should be used, even if you have teenagers in the house. Art should be hung for people to see and enjoy. If you spend money on a DYI project….. at the very least…. Finish it. Hot glue the sequins on that pumpkin till your heart is happy. But DO NOT LEAVE pumpkin, or sequins, or glue, or brushes in a bag thinking that those are all going to be meshed somehow and your front porch is going to be decorated. Life is NOT like that.

BE REAL You may have the best inspiration to do this or that, but you know what your heart is cut out for. You may be creative, but have no time to start a DYI project. Why then would you buy all the stuff to make something if it causes you or your relationships stress to make or do, or clean up.
What is satisfying for you?

What do you need RTM (“right this moment”) to finish that you started? Is it is still important to you? If so, then set a goal for a month. Yes, you heard me, ONE MONTH to complete it. If not done and complete then donate it, trash it or call it a mistake. But realize you over stepped time, availabilities, or strengths and I need to wash your hands of it.
Stop looking for the thrill of something new…. Love the peace from knowing that you have created the life you wanted intentionally not just by chance.

Enjoy , today.